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FGM is Not a Religious Right

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Baba Ali For places in Iran, see Baba Ali, Iran. Ali Ardekani (Persian: علی اردکانی ‎; born October 11, ), best known by his stage name Baba Ali (Persian: بابا علی ‎), is an Iranian -born American comedian, games developer, businessman and actor.

This new policy document: Here, we explain what the document actually says, what it means, and how the media is getting it wrong. The document, which may be viewed in its entirety here , is clear about what constitutes Palestinian territory. Palestine, which extends from the River Jordan in the east to the Mediterranean in the west, and from Ras Al-Naqurah in the north to Umm Al-Rashrash in the south, is an integral territorial unit.

It is the land and the home of the Palestinian people. Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. Its religious, historic and civilizational status is fundamental to the Arabs, Muslims and the world at large.

Battling Temptation

He was a prominent activist in the community, and was loved by everyone he met. The youth, especially, bonded with him, and they often sought his help with their problems—from parental control to dating or even sex and drug addictions. He prayed openly and tried not to shake hands with women—most of them knew to keep their distance. A few of them even wore revealing clothes and acted flirtatiously with him just to tease him.

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Print As many people know, our open-border policy is creating monumental problems for the United States, not the least of which is an influx of gang members and terrorists. Terrorist groups are doing the same. Nearly three million Muslims have made their way to the U. One such example exists in Florida, and it is terrifying. Florida is my home state; I grew up in Miami.

It is now a breeding ground for jihadi and Muslim extremists. He changed his name and settled in Nebraska, only to be threatened and harassed by Muslims, including some from his own family. Advertisement There have been many stealth operatives, terrorists, recruiters, and more who have infiltrated the United States using large immigration waves due to war or humanitarian crises to circumvent and bypass our security measures.

A Woman’s Role In The Ummah

Wala talbisoo alhaqqa bialbatili wataktumoo alhaqqa waantum taAAlamoona And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when ye know what it is. The Ulema say telling of a lie is a grave sin. Fault or mistake means any action that takes place unintentionally and sin is with intention. Truth brings peace of mind, and deception doubt. It is a “slippery slope” to all manner of corruption and a character flaw from which it is difficult to return.

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Zuglool in this exclusive interview with Facing the Kaaba highlighted several benefits of remaining one indivisible Muslim community as well as providing qualitative education with core Islamic values. What is the significance of hijrah celebration to Muslim children? Hijra is the migration of our noble prophet Muhammad from Makkah to Madinah which later marked the beginning of the Islamic calendar.

The Islamic events and festivals are marked through a specific number of days which is why it is different and important to Muslims including the children. The children while celebrating and having fun are learning this simultaneously What impact will it make to parents and school pupils? It sensitizes them, enlightens them on the importance and need to use this calendar for our dating and calculation purposes.

The Gregorian calendar should be secondary.

A History of Communism & Islam: A Marriage Of Convenience

Allah so gave Himself this permission!!! This one verse permits pious suicide: Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: Who fulfilleth His covenant better than Allah?

FGM is Not a Religious Right [Originally written for Women in the World] The barbaric practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) is a primitive practice that grew out of tribal custom predominantly in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

MNJ [ ] from Salafipublications Q. There is not harm [1] in labelling oneself with Salafiyyah when it is in truth. However, if it is merely a claim then it is not permissible to label oneself with Salafiyyah, whilst one is upon a manhaj other than that of the Salaf. However if he [is one who] wants to unite the lizard and the fisth — as they say — meaning, to unite a creature from the land with a creature from the sea, then this is not possible.

Or to unite water and fire in a vessel. Such is one who wants to unite between the errors and misguidance of the contemporaries with the manhaj of the Salaf. Either he repents or he is to be killed. I found that amongst them was his recantation of this grave error.


Abul Hasan Maalik Al Akhdar http: However, if the Muslims in the West or other than it are compelled to enter into elections then there are a number of circumstances [to be present]. That they will not receive any of their rights that are legislated in their country except by way of a representative to speak on their behalf. So if they are forced to do this and they have no choice, they either elect a man who is Muslim or lose their rights and have no one to hear their concerns.

is your Islamic events calendar, get the upcoming Islamic events updates happening around you. is being developed by Noble Education Foundation, the company that has brought you QuranExplorer, NikahExplorer, QuranInteractive, DuaExplorer, and a lot of other projects. We have been working closely with the Muslim population around the world for almost 8 years to focus.

Can you be a Muslim and be an American at the same time? Is there a clash? What are you first? An American or a Muslim? Do Muslims have to live in a Islamic State? Muslims residing in the Non-Muslim nation-state, can they be patriotic to their country? Is America a Christian State? What American Muslims should say if some one asks them that why are they in America?

Can American Muslims be loyal to America? Is there a clash of loyalty between Islam and America?

The Masjid’s Call to the Ummah

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